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We take up the story in 1996AD. Joan has foreseen that Cheryl and Simon need to make love on the Altar that night for them to have the baby Cheryl so desperately desires, and the four remaining Prime couples decide to join them in a multiple-wedding


After entering the Henge, they set about their various tasks. The torches were staked out in a circle under the trunks of the upturned trees; their flickering light enhanced the roots high above them as they danced with the clouds in the blackened sky. The mist had begun to pool into the hollow of the Henge as it had done for thousands of years, and the scene it created was both mystical and enchanting.

Alice covered the Altar with a red blanket. The color wasn’t necessary as there were no virgins present, but it was as it should be and always will be, the Mother’s color - and sacred for the Prime marriage service.

With no one officially representing the Earth Mother, Alice took the lead and stood to the far side of the Altar and led the service.

“I, Alice Llewellyn, represent the Earth Mother for this Prime wedding ceremony at the Wood Henge.”

Paul noticed she had used her maiden name and nodded his head deep in thought.

So, she did not consider herself married before.

“We are gathered here to join our brothers and sisters in wedlock and honor the Mother in their union. I call on our ancestors to bear witness, guide, protect them, and deliver them from evil. I call on the spirit guides to watch over them and their descendants and to lead them toward the everlasting light that guides us all.

The spirits answered her calling and gathered to witness, their misty forms solidifying momentarily as they once again struggled to hold their shape in the land of the living.

A multitude of spirits formed a circle surrounding the Henge, then another circle, and another. Their numbers increased dramatically and were so great that no light penetrated the surrounding forest.

Cochise and Susan were the first to walk down the decree aisle. Cochise’s body was lean, muscular, suntanned, and naked as the day he was born. His long dark hair ended in a ponytail tipped with feathers.

Susan removed her robe. She too had chosen to be naked and her pure white skin contrasted starkly with his. Both bodies were adorned with enchantments, and Susan’s long red hair had plaits across her forehead, and her curls cascaded over her shoulders and parted around her breasts, which amplified their white color.  

They knelt at the foot of the Altar, and Alice blessed them and marked their foreheads with red ochre.

Cochise lifted himself into a sitting position on the Altar and worked backwards until he lay down full length along the stone slab. As was the way of both Druid and Prime, the others began to hum in the background. Susan took the two strands of the ground ivy she had picked from the wood floor and tied one to her right wrist and the other to Cochise’s left, but did not join them.  

She knelt on either side of his legs and lowered herself down, so her mound rubbed along Cochise’s manhood. She started moving gently backwards and forward to stimulate him. Steadily it grew and when she thought he was ready she turned to Alice who nodded her head to indicate she could continue. She lowered herself down, and when he penetrated, she wriggled, twisted, and sat upright.

Alice moved towards the Altar - took the two ground ivy vines and tied the knot, which joined them together in wedlock.

Taking her position at the rear of the Altar, Alice again addressed them all.

“As the Earth Mother’s representative, I have witnessed the union of Cochise Running Water and Susan De Winter. May your spirit guides watch over you and your children forever. Teach your children the ways of the Mother. Encourage them to guide humanity through the troubled times ahead and lead them along your path so that they will be drawn to the light. I bless you now in the name of the Mother that created all things.”

Alice took the elder branch, anointed them both, and indicated that they could rise.

Jed and Joan were next, and Joan wore a long nightdress to preserve her modesty. Cheryl and Simon followed, and like Susan and Cochise, they too chose to go naked. Cheryl lowered herself onto Simon, and after getting each other aroused, she continued rising and falling in the act of love - spurred on by the words of Joan ringing in her ears that in nine months from this day, their baby would be born. Eventually, they were both wrapped in ecstasy until she collapsed and let her head fall forward onto his chest.

When it came to Paul and Alice, Susan conducted the service. Like the others, and with no time to prepare a wedding outfit they also chose to be naked.

Joan watched from the side of the Henge and couldn’t believe how much their lives had changed over the last few months. Both her son and Alice were covered in enchantments and Pagan symbols - their bodies young and together as was ordained by the prophecy, and tears of joy filled her eyes.

“Well, Mia was right.”

“What did you say, Jed?”

 “All those years ago, Mia said they would be reunited within four hundred years.”

“Yes Jed, she was one hell of a seer.”

They did not complete the act as Simon and Cheryl had done, and after Susan had witnessed the union, she tied the vines and laid the elder branch on them. Paul held his arms up, lifted Alice to the floor, and kissed her gently.

They gathered in a circle and congratulated one another. Cheryl was full of joy and felt the weight of the world had lifted off her shoulders.

“Let’s dance.” She said and grabbed Simon’s hand and began to do the timeless dance of the Druids. Susan did the same, and Cochise whooped and followed suit.  Alice grabbed Paul by the arm, and they too joined in. They didn’t need music; it was in the memories of countless ancestors.

Joan watched and smiled at Jed. “Look at them. It could be the hunter-gatherers dancing naked thousands of years ago in the moonlight. Same dance. Same music.” She then paused; tilted her head and listened to the echoes of the past as she searched for the memory. “Is the music the same?”

“Yes, Joan of course it’s the same.”

Jed studied her closely. “I didn’t realize you didn’t know. No wonder you never wanted to go around without your clothes on if you haven’t recalled the music and the dance. Look back and find the memories, re-live them, feel the joy of the dance, and let it course through your veins.”

He watched as she closed her eyes and when she smiled, he nodded his head approvingly.

“Good. The music is in our souls. Do you remember how the nonbelievers used to laugh at us when we danced naked in the woods?” He shook his head in dismay. “I always felt sad for them, they could not hear the music you see, so they didn’t understand. The world needs music and people need to dance.”

For a while, Joan was silent as she looked back into the past. Jed watched as she began to rock her head back and forth. He looked down, and her feet began to tap the ground and follow the dance routine. He squeezed her hand and pressed. “You hear it, don’t you?” She nodded her head.

“In that case, are you ready?”

 In one swift movement, she pulled the nightdress over her head and threw it on the ground. “Come on, Jed, let’s join in - I haven’t done this since San Francisco.”

As she twirled and pirouetted around the upturned trees in loose abandon, her face was full of life and not embarrassed in the slightest. 

Suddenly Ghost began to growl and at the same time, Susan’s owl swooped down and perched just above her. The mist had crept up from the lake and pooled in the Henge, and with the multitude of spirits bearing witness, they had missed the group of people that had surrounded them. 

Susan called out. “My owl says we are surrounded, and there are lots of them. What shall we do?”

Alice immediately took charge.

“All those that can use the shadow spell - use it now. You four put your robes on and extinguish the lamps.” Alice and the others recited the shadow spell, positioned themselves alongside the trees, and melted into the trunks. Once the lamps had been extinguished, they could see the circle of lights filtering through the trees moving toward them.

*Primevil.* Jed called out telepathically to anyone with the ability to receive it. There was no escape for Susan, Simon, Jed, and Cheryl. The giant entered the circle with his torch held high which illuminated all four.

“Well, what have we here, four Druids, or is it the remaining Prime?”

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