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The cover of Book 1 in the PRIME series: An Echo in the Stones
Alice Llewellyn has lived and died a thousand times, and like all ‘Prime Druids,’ she can remember every life down to the smallest detail.
Is she a Witch or an Angel…? Over the aeons of time, she has been given many titles. Now at the age of just twenty-four, the title, ‘Keeper of the Henge and retainer of ancient knowledge,’ is the latest. A title thrust upon her, tying her reluctantly to the Henge on the outskirts of Glastonbury, and Avalon.
Unique even among the Prime, her ancestral memories give her great power.  Power the ‘Prime’ needs in their eternal battle with the Dark lords of the Primevil. And like all ‘Prime,’ she can remember every birth, death, and lover.  Lovers whose memories are lost like echoes in the mists of time.
But not Saul….
Saul has been reincarnated as Paul Masters, an American billionaire heir to a Golf resort consortium. He is unaware of his previous lives but has always felt out of time.  In his dreams, he is always dancing naked with a beautiful green-eyed Pagan woman around the Stone Circles at Avebury in England.

Like a salmon returning to spawn in the river of its birth,  he is drawn back to the isle of Avalon, and his destiny. Unaware he has been enchanted by two sisters with vastly different intentions.


The cover of Book 2 in the PRIME series: The Witch Queen
American billionaire Paul Masters has been enchanted back to the family’s ancestral home on the outskirts of Glastonbury in the UK by a woman who has haunted him in his dreams throughout his whole life.

Since the age of four, he has felt he has lived before. Since returning, he has become entwined in a world of Pagan rituals, Druid ceremonies, and, unknown to him, Witchcraft.
Alice Llewellyn had been waiting four hundred years for her lover from a previous life to be reborn. She is now the local ‘Earth Mother’ and ‘Keeper of the Henge’ for the Southwest of England. She is a ‘Prime Druid’ and can remember her previous lives.
She carries the memories of every ancestor in her maternal line from the beginning of time, giving her immense knowledge. Due to her’ calling,’ she has captivated him, mind, body, and soul.

She, however, is not the only entity that has been searching for him. Her twin sister has also been calling him over the centuries. She, too, has influenced his dreams attempting to draw him down a path of Satanic rituals and depravity in an attempt to control his powers.
Paul Masters has lost his ancestral memories’ and is unaware of his Avalonian heritage and the powers that lay dormant within him.
Which sister can awaken his lost memories, and what path will he take? Either sister cannot let him live if he chooses the other. THE FATE OF MANKIND DEPENDS ON THE OUTCOME.


The cover of Book 3 in the PRIME series: The Gathering Souls
Saul and Sarah have been reincarnated in the late 20th century, rekindling a love they shared four centuries ago. 

The Prime Grandmasters and most of their closest friends have been trapped, tortured, and killed to provide sustenance for the Witch Queen.
They find themselves alone, possibly the last surviving Modern-day Prime Druids. 

The few friends they have left are now under the control of the ‘Primevil.’
To have any chance of defeating the Witch Queen, they need to resurrect the souls of their ‘All-Powerful’ ancestors Saul and Sarah Monkton and use their knowledge and Powers to defeat her.

Can they stop the Satanic rituals conducted at the Wood Henge and restrict the power she needs to escape, or will humanity be doomed to an eternity of darkness and evil?


The cover of Book 1 in the PRIME series: The End of Days
The remnants of the ‘Prime Druids,’ by freeing Sarah from the roots of the yew tree, had inadvertently broken Ursula’s entrapment spell. The ‘Witch Queen’ was now free for the first time in almost four hundred years. And her first thought was to make Paul, Alice, and the remaining Druids pay for her years of incarceration. 

After the lightning strikes, we find Alice unconscious and on a life support machine in the local hospital. She is now vulnerable and at the Witch Queens’ mercy. Ursula is now free to fulfil the Primevil’s desire to conquer the world and lead humanity into a downward spiral of misery, despair, and inevitable desolation.

The only way humankind can survive is for the remaining ‘Prime’ to somehow destroy her, but how, when her spirit can move from host to host instantly?

To Joan’s utter despair, and after searching the countless paths their lives can take, it appears Paul and Alice Masters must allow themselves to be sacrificed on the Altar at the Witch Queen’s coronation to have even the slightest chance of stopping her.

Let the final battle for the future of humankind begin.
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