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Immerse yourself in James Watson's 'PRIME: An Echo in the Stones'—a spellbinding tale of eternal love and ancient power.

Join Alice and Paul on a journey through time, where destiny and enchantment intertwine in a magical, romantic historical fantasy.

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An Echo In The Stones

Alice Llewellyn, a 'Prime Druid' with the ability to recall every past life, reluctantly takes on the role of the Keeper of the Henge. Her unique powers make her a vital asset in the ongoing battle against the Dark lords of the Primevil. However, her lover Saul, now reincarnated as Paul Masters, remains unaware of his ancient heritage. Drawn to Avalon and enchanted by two sisters with conflicting intentions, Paul must navigate his destiny and lost memories.

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The Witch Queen

Paul Masters uncovers his Avalonian heritage and becomes entangled in a world of Pagan rituals, Druid ceremonies, and Witchcraft. Alice, now the Earth Mother and Keeper of the Henge, seeks to reawaken Paul's ancestral memories. However, her twin sister, influenced by darker forces, aims to control his powers for nefarious purposes. The fate of mankind hinges on Paul's choices and the battle between the two sisters.

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The Gathering of Souls

Saul and Sarah, reincarnated in the late 20th century, rekindle their centuries-old love. As the last surviving Modern-day Prime Druids, they face the daunting task of defeating the Witch Queen, who has trapped and tortured their allies. To prevail, they must resurrect the souls of their powerful ancestors and harness their knowledge and abilities. The struggle intensifies as Satanic rituals threaten to plunge humanity into darkness.

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The End Of Days

The remnants of the Prime Druids inadvertently free the Witch Queen, Ursula, unleashing her desire to conquer the world. Alice lies vulnerable in a hospital, and humanity's only hope rests on the remaining Prime Druids' shoulders. With the Witch Queen's spirit capable of moving instantly between hosts, the battle for the future of humankind reaches a climax. Sacrifices may be necessary to stop Ursula, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

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Cosmic Sky


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